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Wingspan Neoprene Player Mat (5% too small)

Wingspan Neoprene Player Mat (5% too small)

$ 5.00 USD $ 10.00 USD

For unforeseen reasons, these neoprene mats were printed 5% too small. They are still functional, but the smaller card slots make the mats a bit tight. As a result, we are selling them at a 50% discount.

As requested by Wingspan fans, we've created neoprene player mats! Some players prefer neoprene because it's easier to pick up cards off of them. Each playmat is sold separately so you can buy exactly as many as you need (i.e., if you usually play Wingspan with 1 other person, you can buy 2). Removed from the cardboard tubes in which they're packed, they will fit into the Wingspan box.

For non-US orders after the preorder period, please contact your preferred retailer (local or online). We ship from St. Louis, so the courier may charge a customs fee upon delivery.

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